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How To: Unbrick Your Ainol Crystal

Remove «brick» on Ainol Crystal

So, it happened and you are guided by the desire to improve the performance of your Crystal have ensured that it does not work at all. All is not lost, read the instructions and will you happiness.

To begin, we must understand first - that there are two types of "brick" - hard brick and soft brick. Hard Brick - the device does not respond when I press the power button at all in any way, computer, probably related to the device as M3 Chip or M6 Chip.

Soft Brick - the device turns on, but after the disappearance of the green robot is not nothing happens.

WARNING! There are three hardware versions Ainol Crystal.Batch 1 - this includes devices manufactured before 08/11/2012Batch 2 - this includes devices released after 08/11/2012Batch 3 - this includes devices manufactured after 08.12.2012 (in the serial number is Date 121208 and above) are the most dangerous for flashing of custom Rom device, but we we consider it to unlock his example.Hard Brick. The device does not respond when I press the power key, the attempt go to rekaveri and not by the computer. All of the following proceduresperformed on Windows 7 Enterprise x64 English. On other operating systems are not tested.
1. Carefully open the device.

2. Connecting to a computer.

3. Closable two pins as shown here In Device Manager, the device should appear M3/M6 Chip

 4. Install the driver from the folder Crystal (pre-folder unpack)

5. The unit will change its name to the WorldCup Device (or just WorldCup)

6. Unpack USB burning tool preferably in the root of the disk, a single folder.

7. Right click on the ImageBurnTool-sp3.exe -> Run as administrator.

8. Put a check on Erase NAND.

9. File -> import upgrade file attention now! If you have a Batch 3 you need the Batch1/Batch2 if you need

10. Press Start

11. Once the status bar reaches 100% the program will shut down the unit

12. Remove the check mark from the Erase NAND

13. Click on the device Power + Vol-a few seconds, the program will determine the device, and it will continue to flash on.

14. Approximately 73% of the firmware device will be defined as a flash drive named Novo7Fire, then the program will display an error. Do not worry, all is well, we have to Halfway to the working plate.

15. Turning off the tablet from the computer (do not turn off the tablet itself or have to repeatall over again)

 16. Press STOP and close the program.

17. Unpack, install the software SD Formatter. (It is advisable to use SDmap size of 2GB or less, but not less than 512 MB)18. Start the SD Formatter, select the desired SD card, press OPTION, putFormat size adjustment - ON19. Click OK.20. Unpack and run the USB Image Tool. When the shock he is in the folder Crystal-Rescue SD method.

21. In the OPTIONS tab, note the Ignore size .... and Truncate .... (the first two checkboxes)
22. Go to the tab, Favorites, click ADD and select the desired image (Batch1 of Daddy Batch1 Rescue image, Batch2 respectively Batch2 rescue Image, Batch3 - elf2_0527.img of Daddy Elf2-Fire-Mars Rescue Images)
23. We select the desired SD card, and click Restore (the one that is next to the ADD)
24. When finished, take out the SD card, insert it into the device, stifle Power Vol-button and release after the green robot. if you keep them, but nothing happens - let go and hold again.
25. The device is loaded and will start in rekaveri sewn. After the EEPROM device will restart and boot normally.
26. Congratulations, you just made a anbrik Ainol Crystal. now you need to mflash normal firmware. On the Batch 3 I recommend Stock 1119 on Batch 2 and 1 Crystal Clear 1.5

Download Ainol Crystal Firmware and Tools for Unbrick here


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