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Canon Resetter Software Driver for Windows

Canon Resetter Software Driver for Window

Resetter for Canon iP1980

To perform Full Tank Ink Resetter on IP 1980 is usually the indicator light on the power and resume flashing repeatedly when it happens do the following steps:
  1. Turn on the printer Canon iP1900
  2. Press and hold the RESUME button for 2 minutes.
  3. Release the Resume button.
  4. The printer will return to normal.
  5. If still not normal too, do the steps for manual reset and Reset Software
Step Manual Reset
  1. Printer power cord plugs in a state separated
  2. Press and hold the power button with your index finger and then input power cable
  3. Still hold the power button, then push the middle finger Button resume button twice.
  4. Release the power button
  5. Printer is not blinking
  6. At this stage you have finished making step Manual Reset
  7. For permanent please use the Reset Software.
Download Sofware Resseter Printer IP 1980 (Ziddu)
Download Sofware Resseter Printer IP 1980 (Easy-Share)
Download Sofware Resseter Printer IP 1980 (Mediafire)

Do his steps as follows:
  1. Make sure all file attributes from Read Only.
  2. Run GeneralTool.exe GeneralTool iP1900
  3. In USB Port select your printer port.
  4. Click the Lock Release
  5. Select (check) the EEPROM CLEAR
  6. Provide blank paper for printing. Then Click the Test Pattern 1
  7. Finish your IP1900 Printer back to normal.
After the above steps completed. Turn off the printer, if the indicator light is still blinking. Click on the play button and platen.

Resetter for Canon Pixma ip 2770

Have you experienced while printing the document, but your printer suddenly stop working, then came the flashing lights on the printer?
Canon ip2770 Blinking Software
this cases usually showed with a flashing orange light on the resume button, Note! There are two buttons right? the power button (green) and the resume button (orange), now press and hold the resume button for 10-15 seconds then release, if the orange light does not blink anymore, it means that your printer is normal and can be use again .

Canon Pixma iP2770 is an inkjet printer with a pretty good quality.With these printers you can print photos with borderless A4 size (mean borderless).
If you need a resetter Canon Pixma iP2770 Canon Pixma iP2770or driver you can download in the following pages:
Download Driver Canon Pixma iP2770:
Download Resetter Canon Pixma iP2770:
- Windows 7, download. Windows 7 (x64), download
- Windows Vista, download
- Windows Vista (x64), download
- Windows XP, download
- Windows XP (x64), download

And here the resetter

How to use the resetter?,
Bellow i’ll show you how to use Resetter Canon Pixma ip 2770

Before performing the process of resetting your printer, the printer must be in service mode position, and then follow this steps:

  1. The printer is in off position.
  2. Power cable is still stuck
  3. Press and hold the resume button for 2 seconds
  4. Press and hold power button
  5. Release the resume button and still holding the power button.
  6. Still holding the power button, press the resume button so thatlights flashing alternately 5x and ends in light orange. (be careful don’t misunderstand that you press the button 4x, because the printer will die, but it just for a moment)
  7. Release all the keys and leave until the printer is not responding.
  8. And then perform software reset

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